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Dear Guest,

For the protection of everyone, guests and collaborators,
we will operate in strict compliance with the order n.55 of 29 May 2020 issued by the VENETO REGION, the body responsible for tourism in our area.

We will always wear the mask in your presence and we will measure the temperature daily.

We kindly ask you to wear the mask only in the closed common areas and to keep the distance of 1 meter. In outdoor it will not be necessary to wear it.

To guarantee total safety, we use the OZONE SANITATION system of the room and common areas through SANYPLUS, the most widely used and certified machine for sanitizing hospitals, operating rooms and all healthcare environments.
The SANY PLUS ozone generator eliminates bacteria, allergens and pollen and removes the smell of smoke, food, animal hair and perspiration. It is designed to sanitize and deodorize healthcare environments and medium and large commercial premises.

Among other measures:
• We will detect the body temperature upon your arrival at the Hotel, because we have an obligation to prevent access in the event of temperatures> 37.5 ° C.
In any case, a thermal scanner will always be at your disposal in the hotel.
• At the reception you will find a protective barrier. Don’t worry: it is an extra security measure.
• We have placed sanitization stations to disinfect hands in various areas of the hotel and a pocket sanitizing kit to accompany and assist you at all times of the day and travel.
Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all rooms and public areas, with particular attention to common surfaces touched more frequently (handrails, light switches, lift buttons, door and window handles, etc.).
• For the air conditioning system, the presence of independent units ensures maximum safety of the cleanliness and healthiness of the rooms. We cleaned the recirculating air filters in order to maintain adequate filtration / removal levels, according to the technical indications of the Italian Health System.

These regulations have been adopted as a result of Italian legislation of May 25, 2020, in order to prevent the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus as our hotel resumes its activities.