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Vespa Time

A day around the city in an authentic Italian lifestyle with a Vespa 125cc for hire.

One morning € 60.00
The whole day € 100.00

It is the perfect disguise for a tourist looking for everyday situations, real encounters, unattainable emotions even for the best tour agent.
With that pinch of irony that always flavors our tourist dishes, the menu of the Welcomist’s wish list could not forget an icon of Italian style, of an era that still lasts today and that makes us love and envy in the world. whole: the legendary wasp, the real one, the piaggio.
We purchased a current model for obvious safety reasons, and although the models of the 60s remain in our hearts, as well as in the collective imagination, the experience will be memorable, we assure you.
We only recommend the utmost caution and judgment, both in motion and at rest. Don’t forget: you are in town!

We would be grateful if you would like to confirm to us when booking your stay the confirmation of your desire to rent it, immediately expressing your specific needs.

Have fun!

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