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Wine Excursions

Valpolicella Experience

Valpolicella is located between Verona and GardaLake, a short distance from Venice. This group of small valleys has been famous for its wine production for over 2000 years. Discover all the wines produced here today, including Amarone, Ripasso, Valpolicella and Recioto. Learn about local grape varieties and unique production methods directly from the winemakers. Enjoy the beautiful hilly scenery as you explore the Valpolicella Classica wine area with your private guide.

Amarone Experience

The green and luxuriant hills of the Prosecco wine region form a triangle that includes the cities of Valdobbiadene, Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto. This picturesque area is located just an hour away by car from the north of Venice. This important wine region is characterized by steep hills covered by vineyards and framed by the nearby Dolomites. Here the air smells of grapes, wine and wonderfully simple local cuisine. Discover the dedication and passion that winemakers put into every bottle.

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